Blazing new trails

Flagpole at camp

Habits and rhythms are positive and powerful things but there is also fun and excitement in getting away from them. Every summer our young men get away to church camp. For some it is their first experience of summer camp: life outdoors, new friends, and new songs. For teens, blazing these new trails is fiercely important because these adventures so often lead them to new possibilities and the discovery of better ways to see themselves.

Church camp gives our young men the opportunity to get away from the “busyness” of the world and to take time to think about their lives–past, present, and future–and their relationships. There is time to rethink and appreciate connections with family, friends, and most importantly–God. The change of pace and temporary change of habits (what some people call dehabituation) open up new possibilities for youths to see themselves and their relationships in positive ways.

Once again, our young men are going to Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF this summer. KISMIF stands for Keep It Spiritual, Make It Fun. At Camp Lu-Jo, the hours spent in worship, in Bible study, and in singing often help teens more clearly understand that they have been shaped in the image of God for the glory of God. Many also come to see their identity as a child of God. For these youth, this is a powerfully healing realization.

Westview is grateful for those who empower our young men to be present at camp this summer. Thank you for the ways that you seek to help their healthy spiritual formation.

Blazing new trails