Doing more with less . . .

Cotton crop at Saunders

Westview’s Molloy Farm has always produced good cotton crops, but a change to drip irrigation gives increasing yields with much less water. The benefits? Better profitability to care for our young men while they learn sustainable, ecologically sound practices.

Since drip irrigation applies the water at the root of the plant, there is much less waste and evaporation of water. Less watering reduces the strain on our aquifer and lowers the power cost of operating our pumps. Better watered plants produce more cotton.

This year’s crop is so promising because of the effectiveness of this system and the excellent cotton weather we have experienced this year. We may be able to pay off the irrigation system after just one year. This means that–in future years–there will be more revenues to help care for young men. Although the farm will never produce enough revenue to fund the operations of the Home, every nickle counts. We plan to wisely use that nickle and keep this land sustainably productive.

For more information about installing this system, see: Modeling & Teaching Stewardship.