Questions about our boys

How many boys does your program serve?

Westview’s program is set for 28 boys. At different times the numbers of boys will vary according to present activities and circumstances.

How many boys are in each house?

Each house provides a home for 6 to 8 boys regularly.

Do boys have their own room?

Yes. In their full time cottage, boys have their own room that they share with one other boy. They are allowed to decorate their room with appropriate decorations.

Does Westview accept more than one child at a time from a family?

Yes, in fact, we frequently provide a home for brothers.

What ages of boys do you take?

Westview provides a home for boys ages 12 through 18. We can take in younger boys if they have an older sibling staying at Westview as well. Boys who are doing well in school and are willing to abide by our rules may be allowed to stay past eighteen years of age until they graduate from high school.

How long does the average boy stay at Westview?

This varies from case to case. We are a long term care home, based on individual circumstance. We take commitments of one year or longer from our boys. Many stay until they graduate from high school.

What types of boys do you take?

Westview provides a home for boys who: have been deprived of their parents through sickness or death; are in need of supervision (runaways or truants); are delinquent (those who have violated the law, but who are not in need of treatment or detention); and have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.

Do you take violent children?

No. Generally speaking, violent children need a treatment facility rather than just needing a structured environment in which to live.

How old is the oldest a boy can be for him to come to Westview?

The cut-off age for accepting boys is 17, unless special circumstances require consideration (such as a boy 17 1/2 who has recently been orphaned). Eighteen year-olds are considered adults.

How old does a boy have to be to come to Westview?

We accept boys who are six years old or older. We can accept boys younger than six if they have a sibling six years old or older who will also be placed in our care.

What happens when a boy graduates from high school?

If a boy stays in our program we are willing to help him go to college, trade school, job corps, or the military. This all depends on what the boy wants and what is appropriate for him.

Do boys participate in extracurricular activities such as sports or debate?

Yes. To learn more about this visit our Educational page.

Who can place a boy at Westview?

Parents or Legal Guardians, and Courts who believe a child needs more supervision than they are receiving at home

Where do your boys come from?

Most of our boys come from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico. However, we have had boys come live with us from coast to coast.