Questions about our funding

How much would it cost for me to place my child at Westview?

Each situation is evaluated on a case by case basis. Westview is a non-profit agency. We operate on a sliding scale. The majority of operating funds come from churches and individuals. We expect the families to stay involved and provide what they can toward the support and maintenance of their child.

How are you funded?

Westview is supported by individual congregations of the Churches of Christ as well as caring individuals and groups who are concerned about and willing to help provide for needy children.

Are donations to Westview tax deductible?

Westview is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization so most gifts to the Home are tax deductible. See your tax consultant to determine whether your specific gift meets the criteria set forward by the government to be considered as being tax deductible. For more information, see “How can you help”