Questions about our program

How can I place a child at Westview?

You can request an application by visiting our Place a boy page or by calling our Intake counselor at (580) 688-9281.

How long does the application process take?

This varies from case to case, depending on how long it takes to gather the needed information. The usual application process takes about three weeks. It may take longer if a psychological assessment has not been completed within the last six months.

How long do boys stay at Westview?

Boys can stay at Westview as long as they need to be here; the shortest length of stay we encourage is one year. Depending upon individual needs, some stay until they graduate from high school.

Are all the houses in one central location?

No, our campus is spread throughout Harmon County. To learn more about this go to Our Campus page and then visit Houses.

How big are the Houses?

Since each home is designed to care for six to eight boys, they are quite large, yet vary in size.

  • Mitchell House — 5,000 Square Feet
  • Molloy House — 3,500 Square Feet
  • Overstreet House — 4,800 Square Feet
  • Park House — 4,600 Square Feet
  • Saunders House — Just Under 5,000 Square Feet
  • Sweetwater House — 4,800 Square Feet

Do staff members live in the cottages?

Yes, the cottages are their “home” and they are empowered by Westview guidelines to lead it they would their own home.

Do you use corporal punishment?

No. We reinforce positive behavior and allow negative behavior to result in related consequences. To learn more about this, visit Program page and the related pages.

What kinds of problems do you treat?

Westview is not a “Treatment Facility”. However, we commonly work with boys who have problems with school, authority, self-discipline, and other typical problems. We believe in the healing power of a trauma-sensitive, structured family setting.

Can boys at Westview have money of their own?

Yes. In fact, we encourage the boys to earn money by working on special projects on our campus. While we do not pay boys for doing chores around their cottage, they can earn money by working to improve things on the campus away from their immediate cottage area. Boys who are old enough and have shown themselves to be responsible may also have a job in town.

Where do boys attend school?

Our boys attend school in the Hollis Public School district. To learn more about this, visit our Educational page.

Can boys have jobs in town?

Yes, if they are old enough and have earned that level of trust.

Are boys allowed contact with family members and friends?

Yes. However, during the first 30 days of a boy’s stay at Westview that contact is limited to letters. After 30 days, boys are allowed to receive phone calls or make collect calls to family members. The number of calls per month may be limited. We do allow visits to occur as well.

Do boys ever get to go home during their stay at Westview?

Yes. In the end of December for the holidays and in early August, most boys are allowed to go home. Young men may also earn the privilege of going home for some time at Thanksgiving and Spring Break as well.

Does Westview have a dress code for boys?

Yes, but we allow the boys freedom to choose their clothing as well. We give them guidelines, such as they are not to wear clothing that advertises tobacco or alcohol products, they then may choose for themselves clothing allowed within the guidelines. Our boys do not wear uniforms that would identify them as being in residence at Westview.