Churches can support the boys at Westview by participating in any of the following ways:

  • Sending a regular (monthly, quarterly, or annual) support check to make certain that our work with boys continues to have its godly effect.
  • Participating in our regular grocery runs (to Oklahoma and Texas churches) by providing food for the nutritional needs of our growing boys.
  • Provide grocery money to buy perishable items (milk, cheese, etc.) which cannot be collected on a grocery run.
  • Special one-time contributions to assist in special projects or cover operational expenses.
  • Scheduling work days, or work camps, to help care for Westview’s campus.


For more information about these ideas, or to request a presentation at your local congregation, please contact Burl Butler, Westview’s Director of Church Relations, at (580) 688-9281. To inquire about a copy of our latest annual report, go to Annual Report.