Current Projects

Westview continues to have projects for which we request financial assistance. A few of those current projects are:

Replacement Pickup Truck

We make our pickups last as long as safely possible, but we now need to replace two of our pickup trucks at our houses. These vehicles are used to transport boys and to work with our animal programs. We have a source for good, used trucks; we need a person or group to fund these replacements.

A generous friend of the young men at Westview has funded the purchase of the needed pickup. Thanks!

Two New ZTR’s for Saunders and Mitchell

We’ve picked out a couple of heavy-duty zero-turning radius riding lawnmowers that will help us keep our campus neat and attractive. With our new lawn irrigation systems, this will be especially important. We need $6,000 for this project.

A Dump Trailer for Campus Projects

We need a gooseneck dump trailer for several upcoming campus projects, as well as our ongoing campus maintenance. We have a bid from a reliable vendor for a new trailer that will cost $8,175; it will work well with several of our trucks on campus.

Storage Container for Activity Pavilion Area

This container will be used to protect and store ropes course ropes from the elements when not in use.  It will also serve as a storage space for various shooting sports targets and equipment and Frisbee Golf discs when they are not in use.

Storm Safety Shelter (Park & Molloy)

This facility would provide one State Fire Marshal approved, external, storm shelter for those staying at Park and/or Molloy House.  Currently, if a storm were to arise, the protocol is for occupants to gather in a hallway and cover themselves with mattresses.  Though this is an approved method, an actual storm shelter would provide far greater safety in the event of cataclysmic weather. $15,000 will fund this project.

Shooting Sports

These facilities would provide for a wide range of activities for our boys and staff.  These facilities are intended for the use of air rifles and air pistols, as well as shooting clays with a shotgun.  In the past, boys from Westview have competed in various state 4-H shooting sports events and have represented Oklahoma at the 4-H National Shooting Sports Contest in Grand Island, Nebraska.  Several of our staff members have been trained to teach shooting skills, and are working with both young men from Westview and youth from the Hollis community.  Further, one staff member is a former law enforcement officer who has received extensive firearms training.  With the training these individuals have received, we are well suited to provide firearms training for boys who are in our program. The budget here varies with the size of the facility we might create.