Foundations can extend the effectiveness of their nonprofit work and assist the boys at Westview in a number of ways.

  • Notify us of upcoming grants for which we might successfully apply.
  • Provide grants to help us replace vehicles that are used in the boys’ varied activities.
  • Provide grants for operational expenses to cover utilities and other operating expenses which allow us to cover basic needs to which not all donors are responsive.
  • Provide grants which would allow us to work on our current project list.

Many of the foundations with which we currently work request that we not publicly announce their name. We honor a foundation’s request for anonymity, or their requirement that their gift be publicly credited. Please send any email requests for proposals to Ron Bruner (ron.bruner at, or mail them to him at Westview Boys’ Home, P. O. Box 553, Hollis, OK 73550.

To see a list of Partnerships that expand the effectiveness of foundation grants, go to Partnerships. To inquire about a copy of our latest annual report, go to Annual Report.