Westview was one of the first of any children’s homes to adopt the household approach to keeping children. We have six individual brick homes spread over 1,600 acres in Harmon County. Each individual home offers the boys a comfortable, warm, family type atmosphere with Christian houseparents. In this family setting, a boy learns that he is a young man with potential, rather than a boy with problems.

The houses on our north campus are Mitchell, Overstreet, and Sweetwater. Our houses on the west campus (the original Westview school site) are Molloy and Park. Our house on the south campus, adjacent to the Hair Horse Center and the Molloy farm, is Saunders.


Mitchell House

Westview completed construction of the Mitchell house in 1984, making it the newest home on campus. With slightly over 5,000 square feet of floor space, it is also the biggest house at Westview. With larger rooms and wider hallways, this spacious home provides a comfortable environment in which boys can live and grow. Mitchell House is located eleven miles north and two miles west of town. Mitchell provides a home for up to eight boys at a time. These boys raise pigs, tend the Pecan Orchard, play basketball and enjoy many other activities including bike riding and fishing at Lake Hall, just a mile away.


Molloy House

Molloy cottage was the first house built on Westview’s campus. Constructed from cinder block and brick in 1963, this home is located on the old Westview School site, four miles west of Hollis. With 3,500 square feet of floor space, it is the smallest house on our campus. Molloy is used for a relief house, and as a guest house.


Overstreet House

Westview built the Overstreet House in 1970. Located in the central part of Harmon County, it is 11 1/2 miles north and three miles west of Hollis. With 4,800 square feet of floor space, this home is considerably larger than the first two houses that were built, but the same size as Sweetwater House, located just across the road. Just north of this home is our facility for our show calf program. In a small valley a little further north, Westview has constructed a picnic area with available water and electricity.


Park House

Westview built its second home, Park House, on our west campus in 1966. This 4,600 square foot home is located just east of Molloy House and the old campus. With mature shade trees in the front yard, this cottage presents a beautiful environment in which children live, learning of the beauty of nature as they observe the activities of wildlife. Swallows, scissortail flycatchers, and quail wander the campus, and an old hoot owl visits regularly.


Saunders House

In 1978, Westview constructed the Saunders House. With slightly under 5,000 square feet of floor space, it is the second largest home on campus. Located one mile south and two miles west of Hollis, this house’s proximity to town gives boys all the benefits of living in the country and community. Boys living at Saunders assist with the work that is done caring for our horses; going for rides on the horses is part of the regular routine. During the summer months, the boys work hard: painting fence rails, repairing fence line and managing gardens.


Sweetwater House

Sweetwater House is 11 1/2 miles north and 3 miles west of Hollis. Located in a rural part of Harmon County, this home is directly across the road from our show calf facility. It is also across from Overstreet Cottage. Built in 1968, this home’s floor plan is virtually identical to that of Overstreet House and, like Overstreet, has 4,800 square feet of floor-space.