The Michael Bethel Hog Barn

In 2014 the Westview team built the Michael Bethel HogĀ Barn in memory of one of our Westview Boys’ Home alumni, Lance Corporal Michael Bethel of the United States Marine Corps. Michael’s estate donated the funds to build this first-class facility for the young men at Westview to use to raise their pigs.

The all-metal building has skid-resistant concrete floors that can be covered with straw, cedar, or sand for ease of cleaning and the comfort of the animals. The building has a radiant heating system (the building is most usually occupied in the fall and winter months) and a high-velocity vent fan for the warmer days. The pens are steel and modular, making reconfiguring the barn simple and fast. Water is readily accessible throughout the barn.

The interior of the hog barn

The exterior of the hog barn