Lifestyle Management

Our lifestyle management program is basic day-to-day life at Westview.  Young men learn the connection between action (or inaction) and consequence, as well as fundamental life skills. Teaching a life skill is a means of empowering young men to achieve self-control, maturity, and responsibility.  They also learn to be a contributing part of a functional family by showing the proper respect to others and their property, and to authority.

We have based our lifestyle management program on three basic concepts that are fundamental at Westview: consistent expectations, structured living, and responsibility.  Our young men are taught these concepts through an attachment based parenting model called TBRI®. By teaching young men the reality of these concepts, our staff helps them learn to succeed in the world in which they live.

To help teach the young men how to negotiate their world, our staff operates by five Ethical Principles. We teach the young men in our care the power of living by these five easy-to-remember principles as well.

As young men learn to competently use these principles to form sustained relationships, they move forward in a goals based system that allows them increase opportunities and responsibilities.

Each young man is given a Boys’ Handbook when they arrive at Westview. This booklet helps them understand how all of these programs work together.

For more information about these concepts, follow the links below.

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