Boys’ Handbook

The handbook puts forward policies, definitions and guidelines for the boys.  It describes our lifestyle management plan, tells the boys that they will be supervised, and describes what forms of interaction (feedback, rewards, and discipline) will be used.

This handbook lists the Lifestyle Management Team and tells boys about Westview’s open door policy to access these individuals.  It tells boys about the requirements for receiving an allowance, and describes the many opportunities to participate in activities such as hunting, fishing, going on bike rides, horseback riding and many other enjoyable things.

Most aspects of the boys’ lives, from dating, to participating in school sports, to having a job in town, are discussed in the Boys’ Handbook.  This book also presents other opportunities to the boys, such as their opportunity to raise and show an animal that can help them earn money for their personal account.

We want to make things as clear as possible for the boys so that they might succeed.  In order for them to succeed though, they need to know what is expected of them, and learn how to read the expectations of others in social settings.  The handbook helps the boys with these issues.

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