The boys have a broad range of counseling services available. Those services include: situational counseling, regular counseling, group counseling, and psychological testing and evaluation.

A word of encouragement. The first tier of situational counseling is done by the houseparents. Houseparents are trained to handle most day-to-day problems, and to know when to refer the boys to the next level. That next level is counseling available from administrators trained to handle specific developmental and personal issues. More difficult issues may result in sessions with a Licensed Professional Counselor, who assists boys with longer-term special counseling needs. In difficult or unusual cases, boys may be referred to a Christian psychologist to evaluate their needs, or to give them special short-term counseling. Boys also receive counseling from Westview staff as a part of the levels program, and separate counselors handle disciplinary situation.

The Home provides regular individual counseling to each young man. This counseling is performed by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and remains confidential. The counselor seeks to help each boy better understand themselves, and to learn how to more successfully cope with their relationships.

Group counseling is conducted from time to time to deal with specific issues experienced by several young men on campus. Anger management is an example of such counseling.

Psychological evaluation or testing is used to help us identify areas where boys need growth, and help us measure the amount of improvement that the boys make over time. This testing also allows us to determine how well certain programs work for specific boys. Special evaluations are also available for boys with special needs, especially those with learning difficulties.