Westview Boys’ Home has helped boys climb higher and higher for over fifty years. Westview has always sought to prepare young men for productive lives as ethical citizens. And as our world continues to become more and more complex, we have seen the need for even more vigorous and detailed life-skill preparation for young men leaving the Home and going out into the world.

As a result, several years ago Westview added a transitional living program (TLP) to our existing lifestyle management program and independent living programs. Enacted at times when we have young men who need a transitional period, this program is for young men who are seniors or recent graduates of Westview’s regular program.

These young men stay hard at work: taking classes to get ready for graduation, working at jobs to develop a solid work ethic and skills, and training in other life skills as each young man has need. The Home uses the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment to help each young man determine the areas that most need their attention

The goal? To have each one of these young men find faithful, successful, and resilient lives in the complicated world in which we live.