Deaver Service Award

The Administration and Board of the Home annually award the Ed Deaver Service Award to a team member in recognition of commitment and dedication to service, and for providing spiritual leadership and guidance for our boys.  This award commemorates the life of service that Ed Deaver, former Westview board member, lived in service to our boys and this Home.

Year Person Assignment
1996 Doug Gonzalez Houseparent
1997 Don Davis Director of Social Services
1998 Cheryl Mantooth Houseparent
1999 Tony Chitwood Houseparent
2000 Sue Moore Accountant
2001 Ruby Wilson Receptionist
2002 Burl Butler Director of Facilities Management
2003 John Moore II Director of Social Services
2004 Brian French Houseparent
2005 Dennise Gonzalez Donor Relations
2006 Cathy Coaly Commissary Manager
2007 Shiann Metheny Counselor
2008 Terry Owens Transitional Program Mentor
2009 Adrienne Owens Administrative Assistant