Director of Church Relations

Burl Butler

Burl Butler serves as the Director of Church Relations for Westview Boys’ Home.  He has served the boys at the Home for over 40 years now.  Burl makes regular presentations about the work of the Home to the various congregations that give it support.  He also oversees the grocery runs that obtain food from those same churches.

In 1967, Burl resigned from General Motors in Arlington, TX to move to Hollis and become a part of the work here at the Home. The Butlers began their tenure at Westview as house parents. For over ten years they lived at Sweetwater Cottage (in northern Harmon County). There they raised and mentored dozens of boys. Burl has also served as Farm Manager, Ranch Manager, and prior to his current role, acted as the Director of Facilities Management. He was responsible for maintenance of all campus facilities and management of the campus food supply, and was also active in the boys’ livestock programs.

The Butler family has long been active at the Hollis Church of Christ. Both have been teachers there, and Burl served in previous years as an elder. In June of 2002, Westview awarded the Ed Deaver Service Award to Burl for his outstanding Christian example to boys at the Home. In August of that same year, Burl also received an award from 4-H for his years of service to young people in Harmon County.  In the fall of 2007, OKCare awarded the George Parlier Award to Burl for his decades of service to at-risk children.

The Butlers frequently travel to represent the Home at various functions.  Burl serves as the chairman of the Westview Foundation.  Y’Vonne now assists Burl with church relations work.  The Butlers have three adult chldren.