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Darryl Brown with Burl and Y'Vonne Butler

Old acquaintances are not forgotten

Years ago Darryl (DC) Brown was a young man at Westview Boys’ Home when Burl and Y’Vonne Butler were caregivers at Sweetwater House. The relationships they formed have changed all of their lives. Eventually, After DC left Westview, they lost track of each other and what was happening in each other’s lives.

After decades apart, God brought DC and Burl and Y’Vonne back together at the Red River Family Encampment in Red River, New Mexico. DC found the Butlers at the Westview booth, and there was a joyful reunion. They retold old stories and celebrated DC’s long career of service to the church.

Most recently, after ministering for 19 years at a congregation in Pearland, Texas, DC now preaches at the Magnolia Church of Christ in Magnolia, Texas. Since his grandchildren were with him at Red River, he was proud to introduce them to Burl and Y’Vonne. Burl and Y’Vonne were glad to meet his grandchildren and very proud to hear of  DC’s dedicated and extensive service to the church.

At Westview, we’re proud of so many of our young men and their choices to make a difference this world. Only God knows all of the good that they do on any given day at work, in ministry, and with their families. We thank God for the blessings they are in this world from day to day.

We also thank God for the special people who work to change the lives of our young men. Often it takes years for the fruit of their loving labor to become apparent. Nonetheless, God richly blesses Westview’s caregivers—special servants of God—for their care for these young men.

Corporal Marchman

Restoration and reconciliation

The best days at Westview are the ones when alumni come home to visit. Just days ago, Marine Corporal Kyle Marchman returned to visit his people at Westview. Because of his time with us, we are proud to call him one of our own.

When he was in his teens, Kyle needed time and space to get his life back in order. To overcome his struggles, he worked hard on his school work, enjoyed playing sports, and did exceptionally well in Westview’s livestock program. Kyle successfully made the challenging transition from being a “boy with real possibilities” to becoming a good man.

With his life in order, Kyle returned home to a mother who loved him very much and finished his high school career at home. The discipline learned at Westview has since served him well in the Corps. May God keep you safe, Kyle.