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Sweet sixteen for Westside at WBH

For sixteen years, Brett McKnight and the youth group from the Westside Church of Christ in Norman have been coming to Westview to get to know our young men and to make our campus a better place. Their visits are always one of the sweet spots of our summer.

Perhaps that’s why it’s appropriate that their work on our campus this summer was on our north campus at Sweetwater House. Sweetwater is a great old house, but it was in serious need of a new coat of paint on its exterior. Our campus manager, Terry Owens, had set aside this job for the Westside group because they’ve earned our confidence in them over the years. We know that they can handle tough jobs and do them well.

Brett and Jennifer McKnight brought nine hard-working young people with them this year. They worked hard in the morning (before the heat became its most brutal), had lunch, rested a bit, and then enjoyed time with our young men on campus and at the Wellington Activity Center.

In the end of it all, they enjoyed the sweetness of a job well-done and those of us at Westview appreciated the sacrifice and hard work given by each of our friends from Norman. We are grateful.

Westside painting Sweetwater