Time for the annual cleanup

Cleaning up with the tractor

There is life and growth at Westview: crops sprout, cattle fatten, and boys become young men. This is the season, though, when we have to clear out the wild and weedy. The North Garland Church of Christ from Enid, Oklahoma, recently came to help with that annual cleanup.

The church at North Garland has been friends with the young men at Westview for a long time. They’ve provided things that our guys needed, participated in our grocery drives, and given financial resources as well.

This year they wanted to come and see in person the ministry that their compassion and generosity makes possible. We encourage those visits because nothing is more persuasive than seeing the good things that are happening here on our campus. There is also something extraordinary about hospitality at Westview Boys’ Home.

For several days our friends worked hard to clean up our campus. They also had time to share meals, games, and conversations with our young men. They were a blessing to our young men, and we believe that our young men were a blessing to them as well.

We thank our friends from North Garland and appreciate the memories that we now share.

The crew from the North Garland Church of Christ
The crew from the North Garland Church of Christ