A time to celebrate

If there is any one thing we enjoy doing at Westview, it is celebrating the victories in the lives of our young men and in the lives of our alumni. When they do well, we do well.

In early June, one of our alumni, Romas Roberson, married the love of his life, Kathryn. It was a beautiful wedding, with friends and family from all over the country present.

Westview team members, both current team members and team alumni, showed up in numbers to show their support. All of us were glad to be present for this beautiful and memorable day in Romas’s life. We were also happy to see Romas’s family again and have the opportunity to catch up with them.

Romas will always have his birth family for love and support, and he will always have his Westview family as well. Our prayer is that God will bless Romas and Kathryn and that they will bless the world in their life together.