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Eric Brandell

Eric Brandell, BS

Eric manages our programming in Central Oklahoma for Westview Family Services; he also handles our church relations in that area. He manages Westview’s office in Oklahoma City. He is a church volunteer and an active father of three. For more information about Eric, read here.

Terry Owens Headshot

Terry Owens, BS, MBA

Terry, Westview’s campus manager, is a TBRI practitioner. Not only does he train Westview staff, he works with local educators to implement this methodology. Terry has over two decades of working with at-risk youth. He is also a proud parent and grandparent.

Chase Thompson Headshot

Chase Thompson, BS, MS, LPC

Chase is a TBRI practitioner and a therapeutic counselor; he counsels with the young men from Westview and their families. He is also a trained EAGALA therapist working through Westview Family Services. Chase is a parent of three young children.

Ron Bruner Headshot

Ron Bruner, BS, MA, DMin

Ron is Westview’s executive director. He has published two books and numerous articles about the spiritual formation of children and youth. Ron has four decades of experience with children and youth and nearly twenty years at Westview. He is also a father and grandfather.
Josh Birney Headshot

Josh Birney, CCT, RCYCP

Josh manages social services for Westview and is a TBRI practitioner. He works daily to help the Westview team implement TBRI methodology. Josh has a decade of experience with at-risk youth. He is a church deacon and active father of two.