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Map and compass

Begin with the end in mind

Because every human is unique, the planned outcomes for each young man will be different. To end well, each young man must develop a plan that works for him. The Westview team helps each young man work out an independent living plan, and though that plan sometimes turns out to be the answer, more often, the plan is an emerging solution that develops during the process.

In broad strokes, we hope to help young men move forward in one of several ways:

  • Technical or trade school
  • College
  • Preparation for military service
  • Gainful career employment

To make any of these sustainable, we will have equipped young men with the following:

  • Additional Ansell-Casey life skills
  • Relationship tools from TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention®)
  • Ethical principles from the Five Respects
  • Experience with discernment

Other outcomes will be agreed to in each young man’s transition plan.

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