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family with adopted children in counseling session

Who are the clients of Westview Family Services?

Westview Family Services serves families with children experiencing life challenges, including blended, adoptive, and foster families. Westview Boys’ Home provides high-quality residential care, yet WFS seeks to provide interventions that might prevent from escalating to the point that parents feel the need to place a child in residential care.

How does Westview Family Services help families?

  • WFS provides educational opportunities for parents to learn new parenting skills, especially for children who have experienced trauma or challenging life situations
  • WFS offers professional counseling for individual children
  • When family systems are troubled, WFS delivers family counseling
  • Often parents need coaching, not counseling; WFS has experienced practitioners of Trust Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) to empower parents with better practices
  • WFS schedules group sessions for parents with similar needs (autism, etc.)
  • Westview believes that many residential and foster placements are preventable; WFS provides counseling and coaching to help
Mother and son in counseling session

How does Westview Family Services serve the young men at Westview and their families?

  • WFS provides the intake counseling to determine whether a residential placement is appropriate for a young person.
  • Once a young man is in the care of Westview Boys’ Home, WFS provides therapeutic counseling with a professional counselor.
  • WFS also provides counseling support and parenting coaching for families who have placed young men at Westview Boys’ Home.
  • WFS follows up with young men from Westview and their families by providing counseling to assist with the transition back home.