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Eager learners

Information is power; sharing tested ideas is empowerment.

Westview Family Services serves families, professionals, and volunteers with educational opportunities that provide better tools to serve children and youth in today’s world. Some of these opportunities are provided in our Oklahoma facility; others are presented at other sites, including schools and churches.

If you are interested in the schedule for any of these events, please see the list below. If you would like to schedule an educational opportunity, please send an email to us.

Becoming a Better Parent

Every month, a Westview team member prepares a blog post describing some particular ways any of us can become better parents. Westview has long worked according to the belief that any parent can be a better parent. So, we created links to all of these posts on one page where you can, at your own convenience, read through them and grow as a parent.

The page is Becoming a Better Parent.

Upcoming educational opportunities . . .

We are currently planning the next quarter’s events. 

We will post them here as soon as they are slated.

Thank you!

Connected parent and child

What kinds of educational opportunities does Westview provide?

  • The Connected Parent & Child™ – In four interactive sessions, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) Practitioners use video and discussion to help every parent become more self-aware and better equipped. The information in these sessions doesn’t make parenting easy, but it can make it wise and relationship-building. Instructors, Josh Birney, Dr. Ron Bruner, Terry Owens, Chase Thompson.
  • An Overview of TBRI® for Educators – A short course for educators promoting successful interaction with at-risk children. Instructors, Josh Birney and Terry Owens.
  • TBRI® in Depth – Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®), a holistic model developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross of TCU, has achieved worldwide recognition as a leading evidence-based practice for working with children. Westview began working with TBRI early in its history; today we keep growing with the program. Westview currently has three TBRI practitioners on its team; all Westview team members (including office staff) are TBRI trained and caregivers receive ongoing training in TBRI. See TBRI. Instructors, Josh Birney, Dr. Ron Bruner, Terry Owens, Chase Thompson.
  • Youth Thrive™ – Participants learn about the protective and promotive factors identified in The Center for the Study of Social Policy’s Youth Thrive™ framework. These concepts support healthy development and well-being for youth. Participants will also learn ways adults can build capacity for healthy development by providing strength-based support and positive interactions and experiences. Instructor, Dr. Ron Bruner.
  • Managing Aggressive Behavior – A crisis management program that focuses on prevention while teaching the physical and non-physical intervention skills you need to keep staff and clients safe. Instructor, Josh Birney.