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Some Basic Principles

Westview Boys’ Home has a reputation for excellence in providing a hospitable environment for young men who need a safe place for transformational opportunities. We provide a home for youth ages 12 to 18. For more information about the nature of our residents and our program, see the detailed pages about our program on this site (Programs).

Westview is licensed by the state of Oklahoma as a “Residential Child Care Facility.” Westview accepts youth who are able to live in family-style care. The decision to be placed is a joint decision among the youth, his legal guardian, and the Westview team. Young men must agree to be at Westview and obey the rules; Westview will not accept a youth who refuses to be placed. A candidate for placement must be of school age (cut off age is 17 for intakes) and be able to make it in public school in order to be accepted and remain at Westview. Westview does not have a private school.

Westview does not accept permanent custody of a young man. This remains with the parent, guardian, or court. Westview will keep a young man beyond the age of 18 if he is doing well and wishes to remain under the rules and guidelines until graduation. After high school, Westview seeks to help young men establish resilient lives for a sustainable future.

The Application Process

To receive an application, you can either call our office at (580) 688-9281 or click here (Application Packet) to download an application for placement. If you have any questions about this application or the application process to place a young man at Westview, you can email those questions to Josh Birney, Manager of Social Services at

The following items are to be provided before placement:

  • Completed application to include: Medical and Dental information as well as a Social History (both are a part of the application forms packet).
  • Immunization Records (including Boosters)
  • Social Security Card (a copy is acceptable)
  • Psychological Evaluation completed within the past six months (to help determine if Westview may be an appropriate placement).
  • Current School Records
  • Birth Certificate (Copy is acceptable)
  • Legal Custody Papers (a copy of divorce decree, adoption papers, papers giving custody, guardianship, managing conservator, etc.)
  • Court Order and or Probation Conditions (if applicable)
  • Interstate Compact Request, if applicable (may be done at intake).

Westview’s Privacy Policy:

Westview will not share, sell or distribute any information gathered through our application forms.