Work on calf house

Construction in progress: room for improvement

For decades, raising livestock has been a part of life on the ranch at Westview Boys’ Home. That program has taken different shapes over the years, but always with the idea that a healthy herd of cattle could provide so much that is important to our young men: competitive livestock projects, character-building experiences, and carefully raised beef to put on the table for our guys to eat.

Consequently, the livestock show program has always been important. In 2002, we celebrated the construction of our new show calf barn, built north of Overstreet and next to the existing cooling house for show animals. We invited special guests for a wonderfully prepared barbeque dinner while giving thanks to all who partnered in that work. Many young men have spent countless hours in this show facility to prepare their calves for optimum competitive condition. Many fond memories of the Westview alumni have included memories and stories concerning this part of their Westview experience.

Following the 2023-2024 show season, the Westview team decided our program could be improved by updating the facility where our young men worked. The existing cool room (built in the 60s as a birthing space for sows) had served its purpose but was no longer serving the needs of our young men. The Westview team decided to add a cool room, feed storage room, and equipment storage on the west side of the existing show barn (built in 2002). This space empowers more young men to work with their calves at any given time, finishing their important work more quickly and moving on to study or play.

Work has been underway for some weeks. Young men from Westview have worked on this construction project alongside our contractor to build this addition. The concrete pad is complete, and the needed separating doors are installed. The metal skin for the structure is in the works.

This much of the work results from careful bartering and the generosity of donors who value our calf program. We hope other donors will help us with the funds for cool room insulation, upgraded wiring throughout both buildings and transferring existing cooling units.

We are grateful to those whose generosity has moved this project thus far and thankful to those willing to assist in its completion.