Caregiver couple

Did you know? Westview is looking for caregivers

Westview Boys’ Home, having served young men from hard places for over 60 years, has an opening for caregivers as a permanent part of its program for youth.  This position represents an opportunity to acquire extraordinary experience working with a team of 18 other godly women and men serving neglected, rejected, and troubled youth on a full-time basis.  Our Home is located on a 1,500-acre ranch spread over rural Harmon County, Oklahoma. We use evidence-based methodologies to provide a level of care that has been proven successful in the lives of many young men. The average caregiver tenure at Westview is over eight years.

Westview is seeking couples, both of whom are passionate about intervening in the lives of young men experiencing substantial challenges. These caring people must have:

  • Sound spiritual, mental, and physical health
  • Been married for at least two years
  • Successful completed high school or a GED; college experience is a plus
  • A valid driver’s license; no criminal record
  • Outstanding references from their church leaders
  • Because we are a faith-based organization, an active member of a local Church of Christ.

For more information, please see our Caregiver page or contact our Director of Operation, Terry Owens at