Private Lamb with Josh Birney

Ethan completes basic training

Giving back to your family, community, and country is a lesson we try to instill in all of our young men. One of our recent graduates from Westview, Ethan Lamb, has truly embraced that lesson. He is now a soldier in the United States Army. Ethan graduated from his basic training on October 25, 2018, at Fort Leonard Wood. After nine weeks of intense training, rifle qualifications, team building, and combative strategies, Ethan has met all his requirements and earned the title of United States Soldier.

It was an honor for one of our staff, Joshua Birney, to be able to attend his graduation. Joshua and Julia Birney were Ethan’s caregivers during his time at Westview.

Private Lamb has come a long way in his journey, but now a new adventure is beginning. Ethan will spend the next seven weeks in training at Fort Leonard Wood for his military job in military transport. Ethan is not sure where his path will take him after his training is complete but it looks as though he will be stationed in Germany or South Korea.

We are proud of Ethan and his accomplishments and humbled by his service to his country. Please lift up this man and his family in your prayers.