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Informing, empowering, and strengthening families

This new weekly web series is dedicated to showing some family-friendly ideas to help you connect with and empower kids of all ages. This series will explore many different genres from books, movies, games, activities, food and much, much more. We will connect some TBRI concepts with these ideas every week.

Five family-favorites: movies with a message

Movies have been a staple of entertainment for many years. They can give us many emotions from laughing to crying and everything in between. Movies can do more than just entertain our families. They can also be great tools to help teach valuable life lessons in a way that our kids might pay attention to. In this episode, we look at sports, comedy, drama, and even a war movie to teach us lessons about humanity, humility, helpfulness, being heroic, and finding ways to find happiness.

Five family-favorites: sensory sensibility

Our senses are what help us determine what is going on around us.  With kids who’ve experienced hard places, their senses can not always give them the input that they need.  As parents and caregivers we have to do our best to meet their sensory needs, but in these challenging times, it may be hard to find ways to so while quarantining.  This video shares some fun and creative ways that you can give kids the sensory input they so desperately crave and need.

Five family-favorites: boredom busters

Summertime always brings new challenges. One of those challenges is finding enough activities to keep your children engaged.  In these unusual times, it feels like we have been in summer for two months already, and the kids are getting restless. In this episode, we explore five ideas that can help you and your family get creative about your schedule. Having the kids home all the time is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationships and build new memories. God bless you as you try to break through the boredom.

Five family-favorites for social distancing

Human relationships are built on connections. In this strange and unprecedented time for most of us, we must ask the question: how do we connect when we are so far apart? In this episode, we look at five ways that we can connect to our friends and family and build relationships when we are shut in our homes. We look at some digital ideas, as well as remember some older ideas with the potential to make our relationship grow and continue to thrive.

Five family-favorites for rainy days

Many of our families are in the same place, we are all together for the foreseeable future.  This time of uncertainty can be scary for many people, especially our kids from hard places.  One of the wonderful things we know about fear is that playing and having fun with each other can make the fear go away.  Dr. Karyn Purvis would say it this say “play disarms fear.”

In this installment of our web series “Five Family Favorites,” we look at 5 activities that can be done with our kids and families rain or shine.  Each one of these activities contains the TBRI principles of connection and empowerment.

Five family-favorite board games

In this episode, we look at five time-tested family board games that you can play together that empower everyone to learn some incredible lessons. The games we’ll discuss are:

  • Chameleon
  • Catan
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Cranium
  • Heads Up!