Homeward bound

One of the greatest joys we have at Westview is watching a young man go home and reunite with his family. We love to see families being restored, even though it means we have to say goodbye to the day-to-day relationship we have cultivated here on the ranch. At the end of school this year, we were able to be a part reunifying another family: Jason’s family. They are ready now to move forward in the adventure of life together.

Jason started his journey with us in 2017. Over his time here he participated in our livestock program and FFA, working with our heifers and steers. Jason was involved in the athletic program at Hollis High school. He also chose to be a part of Leadership Training for Christ at church.  Jason was active at church camp at Lu-Jo KISMIF in Lawton, OK. which was always a highlight of Jason’s year. As a result of his hard work, Team Westview chose him to go to Wilderness Expeditions in Colorado. Jason has learned valuable life skills that will help him build and maintain his relationships in the future.

We are so proud of the work that Jason has put into his life. Though he faced challenges in his time here, he never stopped working on making changes in his life. Steve Young, one of his caregivers, said, “It was wonderful to watch Jason make the change from being someone that was just being cared for into someone that was caring for others.” Steve went on to say, “We spent some time on the mountain in Colorado, during the wilderness trek, and I am not sure if I could have made it up this mountain this time without Jason.”

These are the memories that make Westview. We are happy for Jason and family, we are thankful for the friends of Westview who made our work with Jason possible, and we look forward to hearing about all the new memories that Jason and his family will make together.