pig snout

Oh yes, it’s time for OYE!

For the young people at Westview, the Oklahoma Youth Expo is a time of celebration. After months of hard work, these youth get to show the world the results of their hard work. Whether gilt or barrow, heifer or steer, every animal is carefully fed, exercised, and groomed for this show. So, for the last few days and into next week, Oklahoma City is the place to be for the Westview team.

Not only is there the excitement of showing these fine animals, there is the opportunity to take a brief break from classes and see the sight of a large city. Yes, the guys will eat some sandwiches to stay on schedule, but there will also be the opportunity to enjoy a few fine meals out on the town.

We celebrate the work of our team leaders on these project, too. Cody Gann has led the youth in the calf program. Angelene Garrett has directed the pig program. We’re thankful for their uncounted hours of hard work.

The Westview boys and team also celebrate and are deeply thankful to the many donors who have made this character-building experience possible. You are appreciated!