Oklahoma Youth Expo 2019

Showing at the Oklahoma Youth Expo

The peak of the season for our young men raising livestock is the Oklahoma Youth Expo in Oklahoma City. Every March we join exhibitors from the width and breadth of Oklahoma to show what we have learned and what our animals have become.

Once again this year, our ranch manager, Doug Gonzalez, worked with caregivers, Steve and Tammy Young, to guide the young men with calves and heifers. Terry Owens, campus manager, helped Donnie and Bev Leigh, Ray and Geneva Owens, and Robbie and Angelene Garrett to mentor the young men with pigs.

In years past, Westview has had notable success in the show ring; this year was full of great experiences and significant lessons learned, but ribbons were rarer. Although winning is nice, what our young men learn through these projects is more important than any ribbon.

Westview team members had hours of one-on-one time with our young men at OYE, and that relationship-building and sharing time is golden.

Near the end of the show, Ron Bruner, executive director, gathers everyone up and they all go out to eat a good steak to celebrate. This meal is always enjoyable and memorable.

Many thanks to the loyal donors who give so generously to make the livestock programs possible for our young men!