Receiving the "Big Check"

Thank you, Speaker McCall!

For decades, the Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives has hosted a nonpartisan Ball for both houses of the Legislature at the beginning of the legislative season. This gala is funded by private donations and has increasingly been generous to a charity important to the Speaker of the House.

Speaker Charles McCall and his wife, Stephanie, have led efforts to increase the nonprofit impact of the Ball over recent years. This year, the McCalls chose three nonprofits spanning the state of Oklahoma, each of which is active in independent living programs for young adults: Westview Launch, Pivot, and J127.

The celebration came on January 28th, and all three nonprofits presented the latest news of their efforts. Each nonprofit was presented with a $50,000 check from the Oklahoma Speaker’s Ball to fund their ongoing care for Oklahomans.

We thank the McCalls for giving Westview Launch this generous gift and the visibility that comes from this event! We are grateful. We’re also grateful to Representative Gerrid Kendrix for recommending Westview to the Speaker.

Celebrating with Gerrid & Cynthia Hendrix

Terry Owens and Ron Bruner with Representative Gerrid Kendrix and his wife, Cynthia, at the Oklahoma Speaker’s Ball