We’re about relationships

Relationships are what we are all about at Westview. Zayne Jimenez came to live with us in 2013 and graduated high school in 2019. He spent the majority of his time on campus with his caregivers, Donnie and Beverly Leigh and Robbie and Angelene Garrett. He was involved in school, football, and the church youth group while living here. While his flourishing here on the ranch would be enough to make his story successful, it is his time away from Hollis that sheds light on more of his successes.

While Westview has been in the process of rebuilding our LAUNCH initiative for young adults, we have worked with special families to extend support to our young men. The Hess family is one of those families. After graduation, Zayne moved to Tuttle, OK, to be close to the Hesses, a family that he had come to know at Camp Lu Jo KISMIF.  They mentored him through many of the trials that come with being an adult, helped him continue his education, guided him to obtain employment, and taught him how to balance all of these things maturely. Over time, Zayne completed paint and auto body, and auto mechanic certifications at the Canadian Valley Technology Center. We are proud to have partnered with the Hess family, and proud of the priority this relationship has become for Zayne.

Zayne decided this last year to join the National Guard. He graduated from boot camp on March 29th, 2024, and plans on being in the motor transport division. We are so proud of Zayne and his decisions to serve his country, and even more proud of the man and brother he has become.