Terry leading class

Westview Family Services helps teachers in the classroom

Very few things are as challenging as a child having a bad day in the classroom. Every teacher can testify to this. The team at Westview knows this, too, and has worked with a battery of evidence-based methods to help these kids find hope. We are now about the business of sharing what we’ve learned with our friends and allies: classroom teachers.

On August 7th, 2019, Westview Family Services held its first TBRI® and the Classroom Seminar in Childress, Texas. Educators from Childress Public Schools and the Green Belt Special Education Cooperative were present. Joshua Birney and Terry Owens, members of the Westview Family Services team, led this seminar. Westview Family Services is a part of Westview Boys’ Home that serves at-risk youth who aren’t in residential care.

A major component of this seminar was the TBRI® methodology. Trust-Based Relational Intervention® is an evidence-based method to work with children from hard places. The Karyn Purvis Institute at Texas Christian University has certified Birney and Owens as TBRI® practitioners. The objective of this workshop was to equip teachers and staff in school systems with a better understanding of trauma and its effect on the brain. Workshop topics ranged from brain development and TBRI® principles to classroom implementation and classroom management.

Many of our schools are filled with children that come from hard places. Trauma-informed classrooms are essential in helping these children have successful interactions and relationships in the school environment. Westview Family Services was pleased to be able to have this in-depth conversation with these teachers.

This practical workshop was held for Childress teachers at the Childress Junior High School in Childress, Texas. Over 140 teachers, school staff, and special education directors were in attendance for this in-service training. Westview is currently adding other teacher workshops for dates in the remainder of the year.


Josh leading class