swine trailer on its side

When the wind comes sweepin’

In Oklahoma, we’re used to what happens “when the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain.” Most days, it just means that the wheat is wavin’ but on days like Sunday, it means record-breaking straight-line winds of 110 miles per hour.

Thank God that everyone is well and everything is well. Well, nearly everything.

The winds picked up the substantial trailer that the young men from Westview use to take their swine to livestock shows, tossed it in the air for about 100 feet, and then planted it on its side. Needless to say, that trailer won’t be hauling any more little piggies to market.

Unfortunately, some of our neighbors in Harmon County weren’t so lucky. Some lost trailers, yes, but some also lost barns, vehicles, and roofs. We’re sorry for their loss but thankful that we’re all well.

Don’t worry. During Spring Break, our young men will be at the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE) in Oklahoma City to show their pigs and their cattle, God willing. We appreciate your prayers and support for our young men and our team.