A Zoom conversation

A conversation about grandparenting and faith

Many grandparents hope the faith sustaining their lives continues on in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Decades ago such ideas would go unchallenged but, in our world, there are often disruptions in faith from one generation to the next. How can families of faith cope with this?

In a thirty-minute online conversation, Dr. Grady King (HOPE Network), Dr. Dudley Chancey (Oklahoma Christian University), and Dr. Ron Bruner (Westview Boys’ Home) discuss the complex issues among faith, family, and contemporary culture. The session is titled “B-Z Faith: Baby Boomers Exploring Faith with Dudley Chancey and Ron Bruner.” Grady King is the moderator. All of these three are grandparents and, to all of them, this is a vital issue.

You can watch this video online here.

This video recording was made possible by HOPE Network and Oklahoma Christian University.