Tossing the frisbee

Consistent expectations, structured living, and responsibility

Consequences are a part of life. Too many times, people fail to see the consequences of their own deeds because they have not experienced an environment of consistent expectations. Our young men are given a place where they can learn the connection between actions and consequences, as they move to become productive members of the community in which they live. Westview strives to provide a place of felt safety, where the young men can have the time and resources necessary to help them learn and mature.

Structured living at Westview teaches boundaries; these boundaries require accountability in several areas:

  • Housekeeping – young men clean their rooms, make their beds, and complete house chores on a daily basis
  • Time Management – Young men learn to use their own time wisely and to respect the time and schedule of others.
  • School Behavior – Young men learn to follow the rules, develop good study habits and skills, treating all school officials and staff with dignity and respect.
  • Personal Hygiene – Each young man is responsible for maintaining proper personal hygiene, including brushing their teeth and regular showers daily.
  • Personal Appearance – Young men learn the importance of a good impression, wearing properly fitting clothes, and learning to care for those clothes that are a part of their appearance.
  • Church – Young men learn the appropriate conduct for attending church-related functions. These include Bible classes, worship, and youth group events

In life, the more responsible people demonstrate themselves to be, the more trust they receive. For example, if I show myself to be a good, responsible employee, my boss is more likely to promote me or give me greater flexibility to do my job. As the Bible tells us in Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…” Young men at Westview participate in team sports, musical groups, and work with livestock projects that help them grow in their ability to carry responsibility.

These are some realities that apply in almost any given situation of life, and we want our boys to have a deep understanding of these realities.  How can we impart this knowledge to them?  We equip them with a set of five ethical principles.