Oklahoma City office

MARKETING MANAGER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Open for immediate employment – The person holding this position works within Westview Boys’ Home’s operating division Westview Family Services and will report to the director of operations of Westview Boys’ Home.

  • Marketing
    • Website – assist in maintaining the website and populating the related blogs with current information
    • Digital media – managing our digital media presence so as to increase our visibility in the church and the public
  • Development
    • Churches – helping Westview connect with OKC area congregations
    • Helping Westview team members to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships with donors in the OKC area
    • Making presentations about Westview in various OKC churches and church groups.
    • Designing and facilitating meet and greet events in various Oklahoma communities to empower Westview team members to share a meal with donors and give brief presentations about what is happening at Westview
    • Grants – making connections with foundations and other grantors, assisting other Westview team members with grant writing and application, and management of the work and finances of the project funded by those grants.
  • Programming
    • Managing educational opportunities to be conducted at our OKC office and at congregations in the area around the OKC area
    • Scheduling counseling and client interviews in the available office space
  • Management
    • Managing the day-to-day operations of the OKC office
    • Recruiting potential counselors for the OKC office by making connections and discerning which counselors might be a good fit.
  • Personal development
    • Learn more about nonprofits, taking advantage of learning opportunities at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits and other venues
    • Learning more about the theory behind the work Westview does through guided reading provided by the campus manager.
    • Learn more about Westview today, in person, on the phone, through the Internet, and through campus visits
    • Learning how to become a TBRI practitioner.


  • Sound spiritual, mental, and physical health
  • College degree and relevant experience
  • Valid driver’s license; no criminal record
  • Outstanding references from their church leaders
  • Because we are a faith-based organization, an active member of a local Church of Christ

To apply, send a resume with cover letter to Ron Bruner, Executive Director, Westview Boys’ Home, P. O. Box 553, Hollis, OK 73550, or e-mail these to rbruner@wbh.email.