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An inimitable team with unique resources working in an intentionally different way

Despite the similarities between the fundamental mission that we may share with other agencies that care for children, Westview Boys’ Home is unique. There are several positive reasons for this difference: our team members and the talent and heart that they bring to their part of the work, and our attitude about community and teamwork. Because of these realities, Westview tends to keep team members on-board longer than many nonprofits.

Even the best team needs to bring in new people from time to time. We all love working at Westview but we also realize that none of us will be here forever. So, from time to time we will need to find new team members to replace those who have completed long and honorable service, and we will need to hire people to fill new jobs that haven’t existed before.

Westview provides all team members with quality health insurance, paid vacation, and a 403b retirement plan.

Here are our current openings.

Caregiver couple, Hollis, OklahomaOpen for immediate employment – Westview is currently seeking a married couple to serve as full-time caregivers on our 1,500-acre ranch in Harmon County, Oklahoma. This is a challenging calling for passionate people who love teenagers and have the stability to stay with them, good days and bad. We look for people with high relationship skills and then equip them with evidence-based TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) techniques and other proven tools to help them in their challenging work with young men from hard places. For more information, see the job description.

Social Worker, Hollis, OklahomaOpen for immediate employment. Westview Boys’ Home has an opening for a social worker as a permanent part of its program for youth. This position represents an opportunity to acquire extraordinary experience working with a team of 18 other godly women and men serving neglected, rejected, and troubled youth on a full-time basis. An experienced social worker would begin with a great advantage but a beginning social worker would have the opportunity to acquire significant skills and experience. Not only are there significant on-the-job learning experiences, but there are also opportunities for graduate work as well. A job description can be found here.

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