Storm clean up

Sometimes gratitude calls for action

It’s no secret that serious storms have been blowing through the southwestern United States over the last few weeks. Hail storms and tornadoes have been everywhere. On Westview’s ranch, God has blessed us with much-needed rain and kept us safe from the nastier weather. We are grateful.

At the same time, we don’t have to go very far until we find neighbors who have not been so fortunate. At the end of last week, a nasty storm blew through Childress, leaving city-wide damage. The Garretts gathered a crew of our young men to go to Childress and help friends remove the debris from an uprooted tree and a smashed pergola from their yard. Our young men worked hard—and carefully—to restore some sense of normalcy for these friends. At the end of the day, these young men knew that the work they did made a difference. They also learned that gratitude can be more than an attitude; it can be a call to act.

At Westview Boys’ Home, we all learn what it’s like to receive a helping hand and to give a helping hand. In years past, young men from Westview have become men who make a difference in this world by stepping up to help in the hour of other people’s need. We hope that the young men in our care continue that wonderful legacy.