Westview Show Teams Find Success!

For decades, the young men at Westview have found our livestock programs life-changing. They learn to appreciate their fellow inhabitants of this planet by caring for them day by day. They learn the burden and blessing of responsibility. They learn to work together as a team. On top of that, they learn from the competitive arena, whether they win or lose.

This year the young people at Westview (and the children of our caregivers) had a great local and county show here in Hollis. Many of them found ribbons or trophies. Seven of our crew made it into the Premium Sale, an all-time high.

Angelene Garrett leads our pig program. Here are those with award-winning pigs:

  • Cody – Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt
  • AJ – Third Place Purebred Gilt

Cody Gann leads our calf program Here are those with award-winning calves:

  • Colton – Second Place Commercial Heifer
  • Zeke – Second Place Simmental Steer
  • Wyatt – First Place Cross Steer
  • Xylen – Champion Limousine Steer
  • Joshua – Reserve Champion Maine Steer

We also celebrate the hard work of Cas, Mason, Dustin, Arin, and Alex. Every one of these young people worked hard and learned much from their experiences. Next, we go to the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE) in Oklahoma City.

Thank you to all of the generous donors who make these important programs possible!