Our Campus

Welcome to Westview’s campus

Any portion of our campus that you would like to visit is just a click or two away. Would you like to visit our houses and learn more about them? Click on the links to take you to see our Houses. Did you want to check in on our boys’ animal projects or the crops raised on our campus? Click on Farm or Ranch. Would you like a tour of our offices, commissary, or the original Westview Campus? Simply click on Administration or Old Campus and you are just moments away.

Where exactly is Westview located?

Hollis, Oklahoma serves as Westview’s hometown. Here, in the central plains of the United States, we are surrounded by wide open spaces. Our offices and commissary are located in downtown Hollis (the county seat of Harmon County), while the larger campuses are spread throughout the county.

There is one house on our campus one mile south and two miles west of Hollis, two houses on our original campus four miles west of Hollis, and three houses on our campus eleven miles north of the city limits. The northern portion of our campus is spread out, covering an area of over one and one half square miles. Most of our houses are at least one quarter of a mile apart.

Our rural environment presents great opportunities

This rural community serves as a great place to raise children. We worship with the Childress Church of Christ and our boys attend Hollis Public Schools. There are also potential jobs available in and around Hollis for boys who prove themselves to be responsible.

Our rural setting presents many wonderful opportunities for boys. Hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, bicycle trips, and caring for 4-H and FFA livestock projects are just a few of the activities that are available to boys in our wide open spaces.

Though we are in a rural area of the country, we are not too far from larger cities such as Amarillo, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Wichita Falls, Texas; and Lawton, Oklahoma. Smaller cities, like Altus, Oklahoma and Childress, Texas are closer still.

To some, Hollis may seem a bit remote. Yet, due to our centralized location in the middle of the country, we have been called upon to provide care for boys from coast to coast. Most of our boys, however, come from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico.