A stewardship of land and livestock

Cattle in the pasture

The cows in those pastures aren’t there for decoration; Westview has been a working ranch for years. Westview has over 1,500 acres in Harmon County, with miles of fences and beautiful horizons in every direction. Our boys gain experience and can earn money from their part in farm and ranch life. Helping round up cattle, working the animals, building fences, tending to water troughs, feeding animals, halter-breaking calves, and grooming horses are just a few of the regular jobs that Westview boys help the Home accomplish.

Loading cattle

These animals are important to our boys. The best of them become a part of Westview’s animal programs, with boys showing them in local, regional, and state shows. Others are sold to other young people for use as their livestock projects. Some of the remaining animals are sold at auction, and some are used to feed our boys. The proceeds are then used to help provide for the needs of our boys. Ranching is an important tool for the care and growth of boys at Westview