Comfort zone

A rare opportunity

For over 64 years, Westview Boys’ Home has been providing continually improving care for young men from hard places. The quality of our work is directly related to the quality of our people. Because we understand the value of good team members, we work hard (and are successful) in keeping them on the team longer than most nonprofits.

Consequently, an opening on our team is rare. We want everyone to know, though, that we now have several openings. One opening results from one of our caregiver couples finishing their “tour of duty” and creating an opening for new caregivers. The other two job opportunities result from our work to improve the quality of care offered to our young men and their families.

Westview Boys’ Home is now recruiting for the following jobs:

  • Caregivers, Hollis, Oklahoma
  • Social Worker, Hollis, Oklahoma
  • Marketing Manager, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

For more information, go to Joining the Westview Team.