Hundreds of congregations help make Westview possible

Church in a field

Churches can support the boys at Westview by participating in any of the following ways:

  • Sending a regular (monthly, quarterly, or annual) support check to make certain that our work with boys continues to have its godly effect.
  • Participating in our regular grocery runs (to Oklahoma and Texas churches) by providing food for the nutritional needs of our growing boys.
  • Provide grocery money to buy perishable items (milk, cheese, etc.) which cannot be collected on a grocery run.
  • Special one-time contributions to assist in special projects or cover operational expenses.
  • Scheduling work days, or work camps, to help care for Westview’s campus.

For more information about these ideas, or to request a presentation at your local congregation, please contact Chip Moore, Director of Development, at (580) 688-9281.


Needs for prayer are constantly faced here at Westview. We are appreciative of all those who keep this work in their prayers.

Diverse sources make for stronger young men

More than ever, the work that Westview does is important to the world in which we live.  With our diverse program, there are many ways that individuals, groups, congregations, and businesses can help this work continue. Since Westview Boys’ Home is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the gifts you give may produce substantial tax savings for you (or your organization) as well.