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There are many ways you can help needy youth


More than ever, the work that Westview does is important to the world in which we live.  With our diverse program, there are many ways that individuals, groups, congregations and businesses can help this work continue. Since Westview Boys’ Home is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the gifts you give may produce substantial tax savings for you (or your organization) as well.

To donate now, please click here.

Financial Gifts

These come in many forms and sizes with a variety of purposes. In fact, there are many ways to give financially without giving cash. Still, cash gifts, gifts of appreciated stock, sponsoring a boy or his livestock project are just a few ways you can help financially. To learn more about how you can help financially (but not necessarily through giving cash) click on the link to Financial Gifts.

For more information about individual giving to Westview Boys’ Home, please email Dennise Gonzalez, Donor Relations, or phone her at (580) 688-9281 during regular business hours.

To give a cash gift with a credit card, click here.

Non-Monetary Gifts

Such gifts are the donations of goods or property that can be used by Westview as we seek to maintain this Home and provide for needy children. There are many kinds of non-monetary gifts that can be given. To find out more about this subject, click on Non-Monetary Gifts.

Estate Planning

Through estate planning, people learn how they can continue making a difference after their time of passing. The plans you make today can touch the lives of children for years to come while providing your family tax relief as well. Did you know that most estate shrinkage comes through taxes and probate cost that can be avoided if one’s estate is structured properly? In many cases, this shrinkage can consume a majority of a person’s estate. Through effective estate planning, you can avoid much of this potential shrinkage of value in the estate that you have worked so hard to build. Plan for your life gift to take care of your family and provide for those for whom you care. To see a brief list of recent donors who have given to our boys through their estates, see Heroes of the Faith.

For more information about estate planning, please contact Chip Moore, Director of Development, at (580) 688-9281.


Needs for prayer are constantly faced here at Westview. We are appreciative of all those who keep this work in their prayers.