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Many hands make light work


Westview continues to have projects for which we request financial assistance. A few of those current projects are:

Replacement Vans

We make our vans last as long as safely possible, but we now need to replace one of our vans for our homes. These vehicles are used to transport boys many miles each year. We have a source for the vans; we need a person or group to fund these replacements. They will cost $39,500 each.

Storage Container for Activity Pavilion Area

This container will be used to protect and store ropes course ropes from the elements when not in use.  It will also serve as a storage space for various shooting sports targets and equipment and Frisbee Golf discs when they are not in use. This project will cost $2,500.

Remodeling Laundry Rooms

As a part of its ongoing Restoration Project, Westview has remodeled two of three laundry rooms on the north campus to improve and modernize them. We still need funding for one more laundry room. Each of these remodels will cost $16,500.

New Counselor Start-up

To increase its potential to help families in hard places, and especially foster families, Westview plans to increase its counseling staff for Westview Family Services. To fund this for one year will require $45,000. The position will be self-funding in following years.

Shooting Sports

These facilities would provide for a wide range of activities for our young men and staff.  These facilities are intended for the use of air rifles and air pistols, as well as shooting clays with a shotgun.  In the past, young men from Westview have competed in various state 4-H shooting sports events and have represented Oklahoma at the 4-H National Shooting Sports Contest in Grand Island, Nebraska.  Several of our staff members have been trained to teach shooting skills, and are working with both young men from Westview and youth from the Hollis community.  Further, one staff member is a former law enforcement officer who has received extensive firearms training.  With the training these individuals have received, we are well suited to provide firearms training for boys who are in our program. The budget here varies with the size of the facility we might create.

Diverse sources make for stronger young men

More than ever, the work that Westview does is important to the world in which we live.  With our diverse program, there are many ways that individuals, groups, congregations, and businesses can help this work continue. Since Westview Boys’ Home is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the gifts you give may produce substantial tax savings for you (or your organization) as well.