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We respect your generosity, intent, and privacy

Westview Boys’ Home makes certain voluntary commitments to donors:

  • Westview will honor any special requests the donor makes for the use of the gift given; if this is not possible, we will not accept the gift.
  • Westview will send a receipt to the donor to record the gift for tax purposes.
  • Westview will maintain a record of all gifts given, but we will never release information about our donors to others.
  • Westview will honor requests for a gift to be anonymous, or, when requested by a foundation or trust, will appropriately publicize a gift and its public benefit.
  • Westview will never lend, lease, nor sell its donor lists to anyone at any time.
  • The team at Westview diligently works to spend the vast bulk of its donations on services to our boys; most years Westview spends less than 10% of its revenues on fund raising.