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You can know that Westview will use your gifts wisely for young men in need

Westview Boys’ Home subscribes to the best practices described by Oklahoma Standards for Excellence, an ethics and accountability code for the nonprofit sector.  Westview has worked with both the original Standards for Excellence and the newer Standards 2.0. Both board and staff members have received training in these standards. The Home is carefully governed by a volunteer, non-compensated Board of Directors who actively participate in the governance of every aspect of the Home’s operations.

The staff at Westview takes each gift seriously.  Each dollar is spent with a feeling of accountability to God, the giver, and our boys.  When donors give us specific directions for the use of their funds, we honor those requests.

Westview undergoes a thorough annual audit performed by an independent auditor: Kuykendall and Miller of Weatherford, OK.  These audits have found Westview’s accounting practices to fairly represent the financial condition of the Home. This audit also verifies that Westview complies with all IRS regulations relevant to its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.